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I am Felicia, a technology geek by day – Crafter, baker, dreamer, listener, reader, writer, thinker, friend, wife, mother, step mother and grandma the rest of the time! I started this blog for my family but it has blossomed in to a place for me to share my stories and observations with anyone who cares to read them. I was born and raised in Chicago but Virginia has been my home for 30 years and I love it here. I have the best family on the planet, a loving husband, amazing children, the five most adorable grandkids in the world, and loyal friends. Most days I really like my job and I try to remain upbeat and positive as much as I can. I believe laughter is medicine and what you put out to the universe always comes back around to bless you or bite you, your choice. I firmly believe that we choose our attitude. My tag line says “a look at life from the middle of it….” because that’s where I am….right squat in the middle of life. I’m not old I’m not young. My kids are grown but still need me. I’m fifteen years in to my second marriage and determined not to be a second marriage “statistic.” This is an interesting time in my life…so much to look back on and yet so much to look forward to. Thanks for stopping by! Leave a comment, introduce yourself and by all means…whatever you do…in life and in all things…enjoy!

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