Five freaking years.

A few days ago I got a renewal notice from Go Daddy that my domain was about to expire and since I’m not ready to give up on my dream of becoming a world famous blogger (insert sarcasm here) I had to decide if I wanted to keep this site up. I recently read a story about a well known author who accidentally let her domain name expire and some guy who makes a living buying expired domains sold it back to her for five grand. Whoa! That’s a whole lot of money to pay for owning your own name on the internet. So to prevent the exploitation of the (in my imagination) much in demand project midlife domain name I quickly logged in to pay the very reasonable $18 to renew. Once I started scooting around the site and looking at old posts I was shocked when I realized it has been almost FIVE FREAKING YEARS since I last posted on this here blog thingy. I really had no idea it’s been that long.

What the heck have I been doing in those five years? I guess just living life but I’m trying to figure out exactly what kept me from writing. It could be the addition to the family of four more grandchildren. It could be the two moves and buying a house. It could have been the myriad of health issues, some serious. It could have been an attempt at a home based business. It could be writer’s block and thinking I had nothing interesting to write about which oh my gosh see above is not true. It could be that the older I get the tireder I get. OK that not a real word but point being I’m almost always tired and writing requires time and brain power which I’m short on most days. It could be I don’t believe anyone is really interested in what I have to say other than my Mother. Maybe it’s a bit of depression over what I consider the state of our country, the divisiveness, the lack of civility , consideration and kindness. I have always my whole life been “Up with people” but lately my experiences and those of people I’m close to make me question how inherently good people really are.

It’s none of those things, it’s all of those things. It’s whatever other excuse I can come up with but I have decided to give this thing another go. I mean I paid eighteen whole bucks for it and if I’m anything I’m thrifty and want to get my moneys worth. So to that end I plan to share some of the experiences of the last five years with you. Some will be funny, some not so funny and some will be honest and difficult. But write my stories I must because this blog is for my grandchildren. Some day I won’t be here anymore. I won’t be able to leave them much by way of an inheritance but they’ll have this and my hope is it will be worth more than eighteen dollars, even more than five thousand dollars. My hope is that to them, it will be priceless.

More soon.