If it walks like a duck.

If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck it’s probably a duck.

That’s a saying I use frequently. Often it’s in the context of telling my husband that if two or more people tell you something about yourself it’s probably true. For instance, I have had two different husbands tell me I am bossy therefore we can conclude I am more than likely a little bossy. I have had multiple bosses tell me I am a good employee therefore blah blah blah you get the picture. I mean let’s own who we are right?  When you are hearing the same theme running through the feedback you get about yourself, you really need to face reality and realize it’s more than likely true. Say you hear from more than one person “You’re a control freak” or “You have to have things your way” that could be true.  These are just examples mind you, not saying anyone has ever said those things to me. I mean, not that I can remember. Oh here’s another example “You only remember things that favor you.”

The other day I was at work just chatting with my two office mates. One of them was trying to figure out if someone was retiring based on some hints she was picking up. I gave my “well, if it walks like a duck” line and shared my anecdote about “If two or more people, especially spouses, tell you something about yourself it’s probably very true.” At which point my other office mate Mike says “Then I guess I really am an asshole.”

He gets it.